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PRP became a talking point when celebrities started using the technique known as a Vampire Facial for maintaining youthful looks. What most people don’t realise is that PRP has been used extensively for many years by the veterinarian industry to help in healing injured animals.

What is PRP and how can this treatment help hair loss? Platelet Rich Plasma is the process by which a small amount of the client’s own blood is drawn out and placed into a centrifuge (a device that spins at a high speed) where the red blood cells are separated from plasma. The plasma which is rich in growth hormone factor and other bioactive proteins is then injected back into the client’s scalp.

The principle aim is to stimulate dormant follicles in the scalp with the hope it will regenerate the miniaturised hair and encourage thicker hair growth.

PRP is not meant to be a substitute for a hair transplant it can be used in conjunction with the transplant procedure.
The specialists at becosmetic will advise you if you’re a suitable case for PRP.

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